[postgis-devel] Issue 34 in postgis: .prj creation by pgsql2shp

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Tue Dec 2 05:33:48 PST 2008

	Status: Accepted
	Labels: Milestone-1.4

Comment #2 on issue 34 by robe.... at cityofboston.gov: .prj creation by  

Working on this now and have a testing version working, but have not  
committed it
yet.  Will commit first draft to trunk probably within the next week.

Slight change -- to above -- I have the logic currently just outputting the  
prj based
on the SRID of the geometry so no need to prompt for what SRID that I can  
think of.

I'm debating whether we still need a switch to denote whether to  
disable .prj output.
Right now my logic will output a .prj file by default if a query/table has a
well-defined SRID and only one SRID, but I'm thinking there are cases where  
users may
want to manually generate their own .prj file and therefore may not want  
the system
to overwrite that.  Suggestions are welcome.

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