[postgis-devel] Issue 81 in postgis: This geometry causes buffer(?, 0) to crash the PostGresql server

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Fri Dec 5 15:19:58 PST 2008

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New issue 81 by dstahlke: This geometry causes buffer(?, 0) to crash the  
PostGresql server

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Run the attached script

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

server closed the connection unexpectedly
	This probably means the server terminated abnormally
	before or while processing the request.
connection to server was lost

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

psql 8.3.5
postgis_version: 1.3 USE_GEOS=1 USE_PROJ=1 USE_STATS=1
postgis_geos_version: 3.0.1-CAPI-1.4.2
Fedora 10

Please provide any additional information below.

The following is written to the log file:

bufferOriginalPrecision failed (TopologyException: unable to assign hole to
a shell), trying with reduced precision
recomputing with precision scale factor = 1e+09
Scaler: offsetX,Y: 0,0 scaleFactor: 1e+09
  dstahlke svdev [local] SELECT:
../../source/headers/geos/noding/SegmentString.h:175: void
geos::noding::SegmentString::testInvariant() const: Assertion `pts->size()
> 1' failed.
LOG:  server process (PID 863) was terminated by signal 6: Aborted
LOG:  terminating any other active server processes
LOG:  all server processes terminated; reinitializing
LOG:  database system was interrupted; last known up at 2008-12-05 14:16:19
LOG:  database system was not properly shut down; automatic recovery in
LOG:  record with zero length at 0/3C5BC340
LOG:  redo is not required
LOG:  database system is ready to accept connections
LOG:  autovacuum launcher started

	geos-bug.sql  13.5 KB

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