[postgis-devel] Issue 34 in postgis: .prj creation by pgsql2shp

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Wed Dec 10 06:20:12 PST 2008

Comment #13 on issue 34 by robe.... at cityofboston.gov: .prj creation by  

Okay I looked at PQescapeStringConn() and seems kind of cumbersome to use  
since it
takes the string in as a pointer changes it and then just outputs the size  
of the
resulting so I'd have to have silly variables to contend with it seems.   
Unless I
misunderstood that.  Couldn't find any examples of its use either.

I'm actually thinking of abandoning the whole printf ... query thing and  
PQexecParams instead which seems to have existed at least since 8.0.
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/interactive/libpq-exec.html.  I think  
that will
also solve the having to make the buffer big enough issue if I use a  
query.  Does that sound reasonable?

Though no examples of that I could find either so I'm hoping they have some  
in the PostgreSQL source code so I don't actually have to learn C to make  
sense of
the documentation.

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