[postgis-devel] Issue 34 in postgis: .prj creation by pgsql2shp

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Wed Dec 10 06:54:18 PST 2008

Comment #14 on issue 34 by mark.cav... at siriusit.co.uk: .prj creation by  

According to the arguments, it writes it's output into an existing buffer  
rather than
creating a new string and returning it. So you could do something like:

char *esc_schema;
int error;

esc_schema = malloc(2 * strlen(schema) + 1);
PQescapeStringConn(conn, esc_schema, schema, strlen(schema), &error);
... Perform SQL query

Then just refer to "esc_schema" in your snprintf() rather than schema.  
Note: the
correct length for esc_schema is calculated as per the notes in the  
documentation and so will not overflow. I would avoid using parameterised  
queries for
this, as it's designed for caching query plans across multiple queries  
rather than
just escaping strings.



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