[postgis-devel] Issue 34 in postgis: .prj creation by pgsql2shp

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Wed Dec 10 14:48:10 PST 2008

Comment #15 on issue 34 by robe.... at cityofboston.gov: .prj creation by  


Hmm didn't quite get that from the reading the docs that PQexecParams  
caches the
query plan.  It seemed to suggest the only benefit is that it escapes out  
the text
correctly based on data type.  If it cached the plan, then what's the point  
of having

PGresult *PQexecPrepared(PGconn *conn,
                          const char *stmtName,
                          int nParams,
                          const char * const *paramValues,
                          const int *paramLengths,
                          const int *paramFormats,
                          int resultFormat);

Though it would be nice if they actually had some examples in the docs of  
these.  I
have too low of an attention span to actually read stuff :).

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