[postgis-devel] Issue 34 in postgis: .prj creation by pgsql2shp

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Fri Dec 12 03:33:41 PST 2008

Comment #17 on issue 34 by mark.cav... at siriusit.co.uk: .prj creation by  


Looks good to me. I really wouldn't worry about the increased malloc() size  
(3 times
instead of 2) since the PostgreSQL documentation clearly states the output  
should be calculated as 2 * strlen(str) + 1. But what is there at the  
moment isn't

Also on reflection you are right to use free() rather than PQfree() since  
of course
we are allocating allocating the memory, and not libpq.

One other minor niggle I see is that you use the value 'm' to indicate a  
mixed SRID
table; but in the code you check this using "if (srtext[0] == 'm')". My  
concern is
that if there are any proj4text definitions begin with an 'm' then this  
would be incorrectly triggered; I think using strcmp() to check the  
complete string
would probably be safer here, and possibly in the else section below it  
(i.e. what
would happen if a proj4text field accidentally had a leading space?)

I have no problem with you backporting to 1.3 branch, as an upgrade simple  
the executable (i.e. nothing in your patch changes any command line options  
which may
cause existing scripts to break).



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