[postgis-devel] Issue 86 in postgis: ST_LineToCurve produces invalid curves

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Mon Dec 15 23:12:06 PST 2008

Status: Accepted
Owner: mrk.leslie

New issue 86 by mrk.leslie: ST_LineToCurve produces invalid curves

Courtesy of Regina:

SELECT astext(ST_LineToCurve(ST_Buffer(ST_SetSRID(ST_Point(i,j),4326), j)))
  As the_geom FROM generate_series(-10,50,10) As i CROSS JOIN
generate_series(40,70, 20) As j limit 1;

Produces a curved geometry of type CURVEPOLYGON that can be stored and
operated on as you would expect, but when passing through the unparser (eg.
astext()), it fails the consistency check on the curve producing:

   ERROR:  geometry must have an odd number of points

The check is not in error, the conversion is should ensure a parsable
geometry is produced.

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