[postgis-devel] CUnit

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Tue Dec 16 15:55:52 PST 2008

Paul Ramsey wrote:

> FYI, I've committed in the early bits of code on my line crossing
> project. Most interesting to the development community is the contents
> of 'cunit', which is a cunit test harness directly working on
> liblwgeom. It was really invaluable for testing the code, I must say.
> Good work Mark on breaking out liblwgeom, it has all worked as
> advertised so far.

Cool. Glad to see things are working out for your project, and you like 
the new code :)  The commit looks good, although I'd like to point out a 
few comments - these are probably due to the lack of liblwgeom 
documentation on my part, but there we are...

- cu_tester.c:lwgeom_init_allocators():

At the moment I see you are using the in-built functions. As this is 
likely to be quite common, I created a function called 
lwgeom_install_default_allocators() which uses these "standard" defaults 
- see shp2pgsql/pgsql2shp for a quick example.

- naming convention

I see you've gone for camelCase naming in lwalgorithm, whereas most of 
the remainder of liblwgeom goes for underscore names with a lw prefix. 
Although this probably amounts to a separate discussion, I would suggest 
that trying to match the existing convention would be a better starting 
point until then. (I personally am not too bothered either way, so I 
guess it's a case of making a decision and sticking to it).

- debug levels

The initial scheme I used for debug levels within liblwgeom/PostGIS was 
documented here: http://svn.refractions.net/postgis/trunk/lwgeom/DEBUG 
but I see you've picked slightly different numbers. Again, since this is 
all new then if you decide we need to shuffle this around a bit, then we 
can accommodate this.

- header/C files

Some of them don't have any copyright notices. It would be nice to break 
out the function prototypes into separate files declared extern (as you 
have done with lwalgorithm.h) so we can more carefully control what is 
internal and what is external API. Unfortunately I haven't quite found 
the time to do this, and at the moment the reward is fairly low...

> I'm interested in thoughts on how we should handle cunit tests, or if
> we should even have them at all. Right now there is a hardcode
> dependency on have cunit installed in /usr/local, but obviously it is
> still early days.

Yeah, that's fine. If everyone is happy then we can add the 
executable/header detection code into the autoconf build system so that 
it "just works"TM.



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