[postgis-devel] CUnit

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Dec 16 16:43:05 PST 2008

  FYI, I've committed in the early bits of code on my line crossing
  project. Most interesting to the development community is the contents
  of 'cunit', which is a cunit test harness directly working on
  liblwgeom. It was really invaluable for testing the code, I must say.
  Good work Mark on breaking out liblwgeom, it has all worked as
  advertised so far.

  I'm interested in thoughts on how we should handle cunit tests, or if
  we should even have them at all. Right now there is a hardcode
  dependency on have cunit installed in /usr/local, but obviously it is
  still early days.

Sounds reasonable, but CUnit seems not to be in pkgsrc - which is a
not-entirely-reliable hint that probably not a lot of other programs are
using it yet.  So I would suggest looking for CUnit with autoconf, and
if found, hooking running the tests into 'make check', plus maybe a
--without-cunit to force not using it even if autoconf would have found
it (pkgsrc wants 100% repeatable package builds regardless of the
presence of things in the environment, so it should either be required
or forbidden in the configure args passed from the pkgsrc makefile).

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