[postgis-devel] Issue 88 in postgis: pgsql2shp crashes on Vista

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Wed Dec 17 06:36:29 PST 2008

Status: Accepted
Owner: robe.... at cityofboston.gov
Labels: Priority-High Type-Defect Milestone-1.3.X

New issue 88 by robe.... at cityofboston.gov: pgsql2shp crashes on Vista

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. pgsql2shp -f C:\test -h t -p 5432 -u postgres somedb sometable
  Initializing... Done (postgis major version: 1).
Output shape: Polygon
  Dumping: X

Seems to happen on both Vista Home and Professional.  Issue existed for at
least as far back as 1.3.3 (but don't have a 1.3.2 lying around to test
with that).

See thread

What is the expected output? shape files created

What do you see instead? 3 more or less empty files.
On closer inspection since it gets to the Dumping: X before it crashes and
my process mon confirms the pgsql connection seems to be working, I suspect
the error is in the addRecord function of pgsql2shp.

Finally got my MingW environment at least working on one of my XPs and I'm
apparently the only one with easy access to Vista. So I'll take a stab at
at least narrowing the issue down.

Note: works fine on Windows2000/XP

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