[postgis-devel] "the_geom" quick feedback

Mateusz Loskot Mateusz.Loskot at cadcorp.com
Wed Dec 16 09:30:26 PST 2009

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Yesterday I rashly changed the default geometry column created by the
> shape loader from "the_geom" to "geom". And lo, the loader regression
> is broken this morning.
> So. Before I go and change the regression expects to match my inputs:
> is this regressing change of the default name acceptable? I have always
> chafed about it a little (the_geom) but I accepted it. It would be nice
> not to have it "the" anymore, but not critical.

I support this idea.

Mateusz Loskot
Senior Programmer, Cadcorp

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