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Paul and Mark,

Just as a side note - PgAdmin is built on wxWidgets.  Not sure it matters -
but thought I would throw it out there.

 Since PgAdmin is built on top of WxWindows so I suspect  I wouldn't have to
include an extra dependency
(I got the GTK to work per your new commit, but on a system that doesn't
have GTK, I have to package that extra dll (well at least that one its
complaining about).  I haven't finished testing that.
Though I guess if we go QT we might be able to borrow some logic from SPIT
since quantum is Qt based as I recall.

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I'm not actually that wedded to not changing the loader/dumper mid-stream.
It's not something that other system components depend upon, unlike SQL
signatures and so on, so I think we can reasonably work on that part of the
code base pretty agressively.

Another piece that needs work is a GUI take on the dumper, in particular one
that takes a table as as commandline parameter (I'm thinking here of what
running within at PgAdmin plugin context would look like.

For 2.0 I'd like to look at swapping to another widget set. QT or WxWindows.
I'm not so impressed with how well GTK+ is being maintained on non-Linux


On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Mark Leslie <mark.leslie at lisasoft.com>
> I'm chasing a bit of work to improve the gui import tool and I'm 
> looking for some feedback.  I'm thrilled to see how much has been 
> completed in the last few months, but there are three things I'd like to
get in.
> The first is to add the drop/append/create/prepare options.  Was there 
> a reason these were left off the gui?
> Second is drag-n-drop capability for selecting files.  This is really 
> my big win here, but I'm still digging through docs to sort out how 
> that's going to work.
> The third is a batch import capability.  This was actually off my 
> radar until Paul pointed me at QGIS' import tool, which is slick enough
>  Once I actually get the time, I'll put my hand to some screen mocks.
> I'm also not expecting to get a contract signed before christmas, so 
> this work is likely to happen after the 1.5 release, assuming the 
> roadmap speaks true.  The batch import is really the only thing on my 
> list that feels like it should not be in a point release, since it's a 
> user facing change in functionality.  That then pushes these changes 
> back to 2.0.  Does it make sense to assume I will be working towards 
> 2.0, and just backporting the first two bits?
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