[postgis-devel] [PostGIS] #311: Rename postgis.sql to postgis-1.5.sql

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Mon Dec 21 06:11:33 PST 2009

#311: Rename postgis.sql to postgis-1.5.sql
  Reporter:  pramsey  |       Owner:  mcayland     
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new          
  Priority:  medium   |   Milestone:  PostGIS 1.5.0
 Component:  postgis  |     Version:  trunk        
Resolution:           |    Keywords:               
Comment (by mcayland):

 Sadly creating subdirectories for module content is something which PGXS
 in its current incarnation cannot do particularly well :(

 After wrestling for several hours with various bits of Makefile, I
 eventually realised that I was trying to make things more complicated than
 they should be. Looking at the PGXS source file, the installation code
 uses the following to install into datadir:

 $(INSTALL_DATA) $$file '$(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/contrib'

 So I've implemented the attached hack that alters datadir from its
 original value so that "make install" will now place things under
 ~/share/postgresql/contrib/postgis-X.Y/contrib. Alas it should be obvious
 from the above that I can't remove the trailing contrib from the PATH
 without altering PGXS :(

 Can people have a play with this and let me know if they think it's an
 acceptable solution? Ultimately I'd like to bump something better up to
 the PostgreSQL guys, however this should go some way to solving the
 immediate problem.

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