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We should also test out Bruce's pgMigrator.  That was actually more of the
scenario I was thinking of where by I may be upgrading 1.4 before I move to

I have one largish database (about 900 gb now when loaded) which takes
normally 8-10 hours to restore, so I won't be rushing quickly to upgrade it
to 8.4 though I would like to take advantage of 8.4 features and definitely
want to start taking advantage of PostGIS 1.4 as soon as possible.

My plan for that one is upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 stay like that for a couple
of months -->  PgMigrate to 8.4 - 1.4  once I have the process all tested
out in a development environment

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Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Some issues on the soft upgrade, where the client soft upgrades an
> 8.3/1.3 database to 8.3/1.4, then dumps and restores into 8.4 to 
> create an 8.4/1.4 database (seems like the most likely upgrade path, 
> and the one we should recommend).
> These are aesthetic, the actual restore is good. I was thinking that 
> since our PgSQL requirement is 8.2, we could add DROP IF EXISTS 
> statements to the top of postgis.sql for the removed functions and 
> then postgis_upgrade.sql would inherit them, and everything would work 
> hunky dory.
> Thoughts?
> P

I do like Regina's idea of creating a fresh 1.4 database, removing the old
1.3 shared library and then letting the restore ignore the functions that
aren't present anymore. This seems to be a good way to finally get a clean
install if people have been doing constant upgrades.



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