[postgis-devel] SRID / Spheroid / Units

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Jul 20 13:31:12 PDT 2009

Perhaps I have been giving this more thought than I should, but it would
seem bad to me to allow 0.  In the case of planar -- allowing 0 is fine
since you aren't doing something special with it and if people never
transform then its all fine and what they get is what they get.

In the case of GEOGRAPHY it seems bad to me.  It would seem the people most
likely to provide 0 would be the ones not knowing what they are doing, and
then they will wonder why the answers are so wrong.  We should have at least
a warning of some sort.  Though I would just assume force people to be
explicit about the SRID being 4326.

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I think certainly as a first approximation the best thing is to have
the SRID field, but only accept 0 and 4326 as arguments. 0 is
"unknown" so it defaults to 4326. That way we can have a working
implementation, and if a demand for alternate spheroids develops we
can deal with it later.


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