[postgis-devel] Documenting new ST_Buffer

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Jun 29 21:58:01 PDT 2009


> Regina, were all the issues described here fixed by your latest commit ?

 I took care of all of them so don't think you need to change anything
unless you don't like the descriptions I put in.  

> BTW, I've noticed the new "NEW in version xxx" sections in the manual, but
it used to be in the release notes appendices, which do now end at 1.3....

This section still exists and includes stuff that are not specifically
functions things like loader changes, major enhancements across code base
etc.   I think Paul usually updates that when the release goes out and since
1.4 has not been released yet :( well its not updated.

The "New PostGIS functions" is an auto-generated section -- its controlled
by an xsl file that parses the reference.xml looking for Availability ....
and pulls the short description of the function as well as pulling the
availability details paragraph into the appropriate what's new section. 

I was thinking we should document these things (document on how to document
sounds a bit self-serving :)) -- I plan to do that after 1.4 is released).

That for new functions we require a file following the docs\template.xml so
that we can just cut and paste into our reference.xml file.

This will allow

1) new function documented
2) automaticall appear in new postgis functions section
3) and also alert the torture test script of its existence so it can run
childish tests against it to try to bring down the system :)


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