[postgis-devel] top-level GNUMakefile and SUBDIRS

strk strk at keybit.net
Fri Dec 10 09:25:19 PST 2010

I'm trying to simplify/retionalize the makefiles
so started using SUBDIRS, which is like what you do
with automake:

SUBDIRS = postgis loader utils raster

# todo: add more rules here, like uninstall, clean...
all install:
        for s in $(SUBDIRS); do \
                $(MAKE) -C $${s} $@; \

# This serves just the purpose of specifying rule dependency (install
# depends on all)
install: all

Basically what prevented me to add, say, 'doc' in that list of rules
is that currently you don't get docs built on 'make', so you may not
want to get them built later either. Or do you ?

One way to still require 'make docs' would be making the 'all' rule
in doc/Makefile a no-op and using 'docs' rule instead. But this
would not let you do 'cd doc && make', which you may be used to.

So, question: do you mind if i go on and try to make top-level
GNUMakefile cleaner at possible cost of having to change your habits ?


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