[postgis-devel] OSGeo Hatching

Chris Hodgson chodgson at refractions.net
Wed Apr 27 17:11:26 PDT 2011

PostGIS has been incubating with OSGeo for quite a while now, I've got a 
bit of time and would like to see if I can help us hatch into a full 
OSGeo Project. I see that Regina made some effort to push this forward a 
couple months ago, I don't want to step on any toes (Regina, if you're 
still working on any of these?), just help to push forward. There are 
already issues on Trac for most of these items, I'm just summarizing in 
the hopes that someone will point out if I'm missing anything.

Based on the incubation status page:


I think our priorities are:

1) Ratify an RFC-1

Somehow we still don't have this. Agree that our PSC is our PSC, and 
some description of how it functions - including the voting process 
(which came up recently). I think we can probably steal Mapserver's  
RFC1 with minimal changes (or from GDAL or GRASS).

2) Ratify the Committer Responsibility Guidelines

Regina put a draft together, we had some comments on it here:


Once we "officially" have a PSC we can finalize and officially accept 
this. Once it is accepted, I can poke all of the committers to agree to 
it - perhaps by sending an e-mail to the postgis-dev list saying so.

3) OSGeo Branding

Possibly two separate aspects to this, for the web I can easily pop an 
OSGeo logo onto the PostGIS pages in a conspicuous location. For the 
documentation I'm not sure exactly the right way to include it. Also we 
probably want some mention of OSGeo in our README or other such docs. 
Any further comment on this we can maintain on the trac at:


4) Code Provenance Review

I believe that PostGIS has had a clear license declaration since we 
originally released it. Unless we find other copyrights or licenses 
mentioned in the code files, we should be good. This is a chance to 
clean up all the files with a standard header. I think I see a standard 
working it's way in already, I'll confirm that and we can continue 
discussion about provenance at:


I'll be updating the trac issues with my progress.


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