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Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Mon May 16 03:16:45 PDT 2011

On 14/05/11 05:15, Paragon Corporation wrote:

> Chris,
> I agree. I think it's a bit overrated and I think our code is fine even if
> slightly different as long as it looks more or less consistent.  Paul and
> Mark seemed the most bothered about it. It and of course we had farcical
> fights over coding format before we settled on one.   Both Paul and Mark
> tend to be a bit  anal about these things. :).
> Strk is probably not happy because he's a space guy I think.
> I think running astyle before a release is sufficient if it is really a
> concern.  My diff ignores white space anyway so doesn't pose a problem for
> me comparing prior code but only an issue when I try to click the tab and
> some space guy had his way.
> We do have an Astyle.sh in our code base, which is what I ran.  It requires
> running 1.23 because I think when Olivier had formatted with 1.24 he
> discovered it reastyled everything.
> I normally would just use the built in one in my editor, but have no clue
> what version it is compatible with and surprised why a rule of formatting
> should change from version to version so much.
> Perhaps we should just remove that line from the committer guidelines  and
> say "Try to follow our Astyle guidelines to the best of your ability".

I think I agree with Regina here which is "Try to follow our Astyle 
guidelines to the best of your ability" and then run astyle just before 
a release. Otherwise I can see developers getting annoyed with the large 
amount of white-space only changes being logged in SVN, and the 
consistent merges that would be required every time someone did an "svn up".



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