[postgis-devel] Raster regression

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri May 20 13:38:32 PDT 2011

I get the same results (failed 40), but I don't think it's Bborie;s changes

I looked at mine a while back and they were failing. I presumed it was
something with the path settings or the install script.

Errors like

St_extent does not exist and so forth.  When I tested some of these in my
production they worked fine.  So I think its something screwed up about the
way the database is being built and the paths are being set like it can't
find my libgdal install and not even making the raster type.

I reacall it working before strk made those fixes to point to pre-installed



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On 05/20/2011 01:03 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Are the raster regression tests supposed to pass?
> Run tests: 53
> Failed: 40
> P.

I can't say about all the raster regression tests.  But the ones related to
AsGDALRaster, AsTIFF, AsPNG and AsJPG could be failing.  I'm noticing that
depending on which version of GDAL you have, the md5 checksums will change
as the output is different.  But, my testing of the various outputs with
gdalinfo confirms that they are the same in terms of the data contained
within.  So, I need to find a better and more consistent regression test.


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Center for Vectorborne Diseases
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