[postgis-devel] [MOTION] Let's go final !

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Tue Apr 3 09:26:07 PDT 2012

Zero tickets on trac, RC2 went out last week.
Just a couple minor commits since then:

 - Documentation tweak

 - Rearrange of 2 CREATE TYPE lines to make
   postgis_proc_upgrade.pl happy

If we release 2.0 final today we'll get it announced
at WhereConf by Javier de la Torre of Vizzuality having
a PostGIS-2.0 talk there. Presentation is at 2PM SF time.

I'll start with my +1


  |   __/  |    Delivering high quality PostGIS 2.0 !
  |  / 2.0 |    http://strk.keybit.net - http://vizzuality.com

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