[postgis-devel] [PostGIS] #1780: ST_GeoHash should support geography type without cast

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Tue Apr 17 08:07:30 PDT 2012

#1780: ST_GeoHash should support geography type without cast
 Reporter:  toofishes  |       Owner:  pramsey      
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium     |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.1.0
Component:  postgis    |     Version:  2.0.x        
 Keywords:             |  
 Given that it operates on latitude/longitude coords, and most of the other
 export/output functions take both geometry and geography, I was surprised
 to see this one didn't.

 database=> select ST_GeoHash('POINT(0 0)');
 (1 row)

 database=> select ST_GeoHash('POINT(0 0)'::geography);
 ERROR:  function st_geohash(geography) does not exist
 LINE 1: select ST_GeoHash('POINT(0 0)'::geography);
 HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You might
 need to add explicit type casts.

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