[postgis-devel] Regression performance.

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Thu Feb 9 16:32:05 PST 2012

Well, please do come to a consensus.  Once that is achieved, I'll make 
any changes that need to be made to the 2-raster variants.


On 02/09/2012 04:14 PM, David Zwarg wrote:
> I see your point about #1557, but I disagree.
> I believe that we should aim for the best performance out of the raster
> MapAlgebra routines in any way possible. It may be inconvenient for calling
> functions, but if you really need those values, you may always do
> "[rast.x]::integer".  It is a little messier, but I believe that it's an
> acceptable inconvenience: no data is lost converting the raster x or y
> coordinate from float8 to int32, and only if you need it will you incur the
> penalty of casting to an integer.
> Unfortunately, that is exactly the situation you seem to be experiencing,
> strk, but I believe that it would be a mistake to penalize all callers of
> ST_MapAlgebraExpr for this overhead, versus the rare (we *just* introduced
> the x&  y parameters) case when you need the x and y parameters inside of
> the cell processing expression.
> A note on the surprising factor: it took myself and David Bronough at the
> code sprint all day to profile and identify what was happening. Both of us
> were looking at the patch from r9112, scratching our heads.  The removal of
> strstr should have made it faster, but it turns out the use of integers in
> the expressions were doing something in the parser/planner/evaluator for
> every pixel, and this was slowing everything down.  It doesn't make sense
> on many levels, and I would have thought that integer math would be faster
> that floating point math, but in this case it is not the case. Something in
> the way postgres evaluates that parameterized query changes that
> assumption, which I have no knowledge of (thus the mystery for me).
> Thanks,
> Zwarg
> On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Sandro Santilli<strk at keybit.net>  wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 12:20:45PM -0800, David Zwarg wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I was profiling the performance of the changes that happened in r9112,
>> and
>>> it turned out to be very significant to pass and evaluate integers in the
>>> prepared expression. Sticking with float8 values for the x and y
>> positions
>>> of the pixel contain significant performance benefits (although
>>> counter-intuitive).
>>> I've changed the x and y positions in 1 raster map algebra back to float
>>> values for performance reasons.
>>> These are my metrics for running 5 sets of 10 rasters, each 500x500
>> pixels,
>>> from one of the SRTM tiles linked to by the WKTRaster tutorial page.
>> Times
>>> are in milliseconds. The first column is revision 9112 (removal of strstr
>>> in the pixel loop, using integer as x and y pixel values), the second
>>> column is that same revision (with a modification to use float8 instead
>> of
>>> int32 for x and y pixel coordinates), the third column is revision 9111
>>> (using strstr in the pixel loop), the fourth column is the incorporation
>> of
>>> this change into the HEAD revision as of this morning (more memory
>>> allocations have been moved out of the pixel loop).
>> The numbers for those like me not willing to fire a graphical browser:
>>   r9112            r9112-int       r9111           r9137
>>   ----------------------------------------------------------
>>     9839.746        8473.403        9094.589        7820.646
>>    6228.067        5329.813        5763.88         4738.372
>>    8749.516        7441.936        7893.893        6866.745
>>   13618.762       11254.392       12177.314       10780.401
>>    6233.851        5442.746        5730.231        4767.192
>> I'm really surprised. Which version of PostgreSQL were you using ?
>> I'm still not convinced we should pretend numbers are float though.
>> It was changed back for a reason:
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/ticket/1557
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