[postgis-devel] [PostGIS] #2122: [raster] Real extent feature lost after metadata as views

Bborie Park dustymugs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 08:07:57 PST 2012

> Couldn't (or doesn't) a constraint contain the original extent ?
> The same information that you would have put into the raster_column field.

It could be done as a constraint... a constraint that does not enforce
anything.  The problem with constraints that don't enforce anything is
that they're static and may go out of date...

> I hadn't look at those _raster_constraint_info_xxxy functions at all so don't
> really know what constraints are currenty present

There are a whole set of constraints present...

number of bands
pixel type of each band
in-db/out-db of each band

The proposed addition of attributes is the correct solution but when
can we implement said solution?  Can we take advantage of the
"version" variable in the serialized raster to make a change,
particularly if we maintain support for prior versions?


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