[postgis-devel] PostGIS 2.1.4 release

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Sep 10 20:33:08 PDT 2014

The 2.1.4 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is happy to release patch for PostGIS 2.1, the
2.1.4 release. As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs, breakages,
and performance issues

Download source code here:


Html docs: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/doc-html-2.1.4.tar.gz  ,
PDF docs: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/postgis-2.1.4.pdf


    #2745, Speedup ST_Simplify calls against points
    #2747, Support for GDAL 2.0
    #2749, Make rtpostgisupgrade20_21.sql ACID
    #2811, Do not specify index names when loading shapefiles/rasters
    #2829, Shortcut ST_Clip(raster) if geometry fully contains the raster
and no NODATA specified
    #2895, Raise cost of ST_ConvexHull(raster) to 300 for better query plans

Bug Fixes

    #2605, armel: _ST_Covers() returns true for point in hole
    #2911, Fix output scale on ST_Rescale/ST_Resample/ST_Resize of rasters
with scale 1/-1 and offset 0/0.
        Fix crash in ST_Union(raster)
    #2704, ST_GeomFromGML() does not work properly with array of gml:pos
(Even Roualt)
    #2708, updategeometrysrid doesn't update srid check when schema not
specified. Patch from Marc Jansen
    #2720, lwpolyaddring should update maxrings after realloc
    #2759, Fix postgis_restore.pl handling of multiline object comments
embedding sql comments
    #2774, fix undefined behavior in ptarraycalculategbox_geodetic
        Fix potential memory fault in ST_MakeValid
    #2784, Fix handling of bogus argument to -with-sfcgal
    #2772, Premature memory free in RASTER_getBandPath (ST_BandPath)
    #2755, Fix regressions tests against all versions of SFCGAL
    #2775, lwlinefromlwmpoint leaks memory
    #2802, ST_MapAlgebra checks for valid callback function return value
    #2803, ST_MapAlgebra handles no userarg and STRICT callback function
    #2834, ST_Estimated_Extent and mixedCase table names (regression bug)
    #2845, Bad geometry created from ST_AddPoint
    #2870, Binary insert into geography column results geometry being
    #2872, make install builds documentation (Greg Troxell)
    #2819, find isfinite or replacement on Centos5 / Solaris
    #2899, geocode limit 1 not returning best answer (tiger geocoder)
    #2903, Unable to compile on FreeBSD
    #2927 reverse_geocode not filling in direction prefix (tiger geocoder)
get rid of deprecated ST_Line_Locate_Point called

For more details refer to:

Happy PostGISsing,
PostGIS development team

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