[postgis-devel] "Casting" Between Types

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Mon Jul 18 06:40:02 PDT 2016

I found this page by accident in the SQL/MM doco this morning and it
tickled my interest. Basically it describes when one should allow
equivalence between types (I guess if one has modelled spatial in the DB as
21 different types, it strictly is "casting", but nobody has done that).

What I find pleasant is it's an official page that says "hey, don't be anal
retentive losers about allowing single-ton multi-geometries to pass as
singletons", which would be a nice improvement. In general, having a bit
more knowledge of the geometry class structure would probably make things
nicer (so the "type" restriction could be smarter and a polygon could be
inserted into a multi-polygon column).

Anyways, just random thoughts for the moment.

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