[postgis-devel] CMake support

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Oct 3 12:56:03 PDT 2017

I honestly don't think we can support two build environments a CMake one and an autoconf one.  So unless we are willing to ditch the autoconf one for CMake I'm not seeing much of a point.

The main reason I was interested way back in CMake was because of the window 64-bit issues I was having and the possibility we might need to use VC++.

I don't see anyone jumping around lately screaming for a VS build environment for PostGIS and if they are they should be putting in the work for it and be willing to maintain it. 

I'm pretty happy with Mingw64 / autotools chain building.

I don’t' see what benefit CMake buys me as far as PostGIS.  Geos ironically I use the CMake (still using mingw64 for the building)  instead of the autotools cause it seems to work faster and all the tests pass.


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On 03/10/17 13:38, Darafei "Kom?pa" Praliaskouski wrote:

> Hi, 
> We've got two PRs with CMake support.
> https://github.com/postgis/postgis/pull/1 
> https://gitlab.com/postgis/postgis/merge_requests/2 
> CMake allows to use JetBrains CLion as IDE for development, apart from 
> being a different builf system.
> First PR is not maintained since 2012, second one is more recent.  I 
> proposed to close the first one, @?mloskot? asked me on IRC to send a 
> mail to this list about it.
> It also seems like second one wasn't merged. Is anybody aware of the reason?

The main reason was that PostgreSQL (and its associated build system) support many more platforms than CMake when I last looked at it, so you'd either end up having to support more than one build system or lose PostGIS support from some architectures/platforms.

Having said that following the recent discussion on pgsql-hackers I think several platforms got culled as part of the recent atomics rework (and perhaps CMake have also improved their platform support in the
meantime) so it could be worth someone taking another look.


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