[postgis-devel] Automating upload to download.osgeo.org

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sun Jan 14 08:58:39 PST 2018

So I changed our make dist process at least for 2.5, 2.4, 2.3 by having
Debbie, automatically build (based on make_dist.sh) in repo so hers just
calls the main one make_dist, and then does a doc build and then pushes the
artifacts (the tar ball, pdf, html docs) to website

Before she would only do this automatically for minor branches (not release
branches) and I'd have to create a new branch job whenever we flipped to new

Now that she's going to do it for any branch/tag,  strk asked (my
paraphrasing) "Why don't you just have her upload the tarballs etc, to

My response was well "It's important for the releaser to check it and others
to check it before we give it our blessing".  By blessing, uploading to
download.osgeo.org is my idea of blessing.

However, if we say, we are only going to tag (which we do), once we've done
all our testing, then:

One can consider the 2.4.3 or whatever created from 2.4 dev branch to be our
rehearsal, and the tagged 2.4.3 as the blessed.

So If we change the script, so she only uploads to download.osgeo.org, if
it's coming from a tagged branch 2.4.3 (not coming from a dev branch 2.4),
I'd feel that's blessing enough.



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