[postgis-devel] 2.3.6rc1 release

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Sun Jan 14 11:44:44 PST 2018

"Regina Obe" <lr at pcorp.us> writes:

> I have a 2.3.6rc1 tar ball ready for testing which is built from 2.3 branch,
> using our new hands-off, let Debbie do it packaging model.
> http://postgis.net/stuff/postgis-2.3.6rc1.tar.gz
> On a related note.  I didn't bother to officially create an svn/git tag for
> this.
> Do people mind, if I don't.  Makes sense for major releases where
> functionality is changing in each RC release.
> But for things like this where we are just testing the packaging and don't
> plan to have an rc2 before release, seems like an eyesore to have an RC in
> git/svn showing for this.

I'm fine with not tagging the RCs in svn, and tagging them would be fine

(The releases really need tags, but you are only suggesting skipping the
RC ones.)
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