[postgis-devel] NEWS file in 3.0 branch

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Thu Dec 19 04:56:06 PST 2019

On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 11:06:11AM +0100, rmrodriguez at carto.com wrote:
> Sandro, I think you are going too fast unless you actually want to fix
> the whole NEWS file, I don't have an issue with it but beware of what
> you might unearth. On the other hand, I have some issues with your
> approach:
> * I wouldn't apply it to 3.0, on any other stable branch and surely
> not before we have seen the extent of the changes and the result in
> master.
> * What happens if a commit message has a typo? Do we just add new
> commits so the reference is there and the script stops failing?

I just added support for --ticket-refs-skip-commits <filename>
where <filename> can contain a list of commits known to contain
bad references. Those commits will NOT be scanned.

Note: this was yours:

  FAIL: Reference to commit-logged ticket ref #4601 missing from NEWS

Fails in stable-2.5 (yes, 2.5 did have that fix)

I'm not enforcing the fixup of the NEWS file, just preparing the
weapons to verify it.

Maybe for a better tool we could make it NOT stop on first failure,
just to get a feel of how many unmentioned ticket refs are in the NEWS
file and how many are there.

PS: I agree about leaving stable branches alone for some time.


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