[postgis-devel] Using pkg-config for PROJ

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Feb 8 17:22:09 PST 2019

> > The only annoying thing about relying on pkg-config is that since I
> > install things in non-standard paths so I can swap in and out
> > different versions of things, I have to fiddle with the
> > PKG_CONFIG_PATH env variable or insure that all my pkg-config files
> > are in my path variable.
> Actually, I think that's less annoying that figuring out what
> arguments are needed for each.
[Regina Obe] 
I would agree there especially since I don't think our --with-foo works all
that well anyway.  I still end up having to do 


To get all the stuff working in all the test cases.

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