[postgis-devel] Using pkg-config for PROJ

Raúl Marín Rodríguez rmrodriguez at carto.com
Mon Feb 11 01:42:15 PST 2019


> I thought we already required it for building MVT no?

Yes, you can't have MVT support without pkg-config.

> The most important library used by PostGIS (GEOS) currently does
> _not_ install pkgconfig file (just saying, would be worth adding it)

I would argue that the most important library used by PostGIS is PostgreSQL =D
Anyhow, both GEOS and Postgres provide a config executable that provides
similar information. You don't need to do provide both.

I think I'm going to start by adding pkg-config support for the
libraries that support it
(gdal, xml2, proj, json, cunit, libpcre) and, for the ones where we
are using a non
standard way to include them (proj, json, cunit, libpcre), throw a
warning suggesting
using pkg-config or the alternative flags (e.g. PROJ_CFLAGS / PROJ_LIBS).

Raúl Marín Rodríguez

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