[postgis-devel] jsonb leftovers on upgrade

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Fri Jun 28 00:54:39 PDT 2019

I can get a regression failure with this call:

    regress/run_test.pl -v \
        --extension \
        --upgrade-path unpackaged--3.0.0dev

The failures are:

  +unexpected probin|json:/usr/src/postgis/repository-sync-scripts/postgis/regress/00-regress-install/lib/postgis-3
  +unexpected probin|jsonb:/usr/src/postgis/repository-sync-scripts/postgis/regress/00-regress-install/lib/postgis-3
  +unexpected probin|st_asgeojson:/usr/src/postgis/repository-sync-scripts/postgis/regress/00-regress-install/lib/postgis-3
  ERROR:  cannot drop extension postgis because other objects depend on it
  DETAIL:  function json(geometry) depends on type geometry
           function jsonb(geometry) depends on type geometry
           cast from geometry to json depends on type geometry
           cast from geometry to jsonb depends on type geometry
  HINT:  Use DROP ... CASCADE to drop the dependent objects too.


  1. Can anyone reproduce ?
  2. Why none of our bots catches this ?!
     Are we out of bots using json?


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