[postgis-devel] jsonb leftovers on upgrade

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Jun 28 13:49:41 PDT 2019


*  What does it take to set up a bot?  I can dedicate a 32 bit Debian Buster if you can point me to directions.  They are building PG12-dev and PostGIS-3dev from source right now.

*  Bruce


Bruce thanks for the offer.  We are still in our infancy of bot readiness but we’d be happy to have you on our Bot Journey.

We have a couple of modes going  - I can send you instructions off list.  First I have to make instructions


Option 1: Easiest – is you register as an osgeo drone agent – this is all dockerized so wouldn’t be able to test various permutations of craziness you would want to configure and would use one of our docker contains.


Of course presumes you have docker installed.


But we could do things such as special upgrade tests on specific agents and so forth which is controlled by the dronie yaml file



Option 2: Jenkins slave – this is a bit more involved 


Would require you have your system set to build postgis and regress.  


And then we have different ci scripts for each Jenkins bot – which you can see here:




(all those are Jenkins bots except for Travis )


On the Jenkins side (Debbie) Jenkins looks up workers (just Bessie and bessie32 at moment for FreeBSD) and triggers postgis_regress.sh script in the workers folder 


Winnie/Debbie are complete Jenkins server too and do their own tests.  Winnie in addition to windows regression testing does windows packaging.  So that’s why you see more scripts there as some are meant for building packaging the binaries into a zip file.


Debbie also does the doc building on the site, so hers is more complicated for that reason.



Hope that helps,








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