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Cc’ing dev list on this as I think other people might have input on this.


This is really cool.  I’m thinking it might be useful not to have this one docker based, and we can add this to Jenkins and have it native – that way we can test natively how it works in raspberry pi.


The issue with docker is that it’s hard to test architecture differences since it’s environment is whatever the OS is of the docker image.  Also we haven’t setup a system whereby we can keep our docker images up to date (on our TODO), thus we are missing testings such as PostgreSQL 12  head in our docker installs.


That said, let me try to write up some instructions so we can set this as a Jenkins bot.


One question – and might be  dumb one since I’ve never worked with raspberry pi – is this a 32-bit or 64-bit.  Our testing on 32-bit systems is very spotty so we often don’t find out about issues until packagers complain.






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Just to let you know, I am playing with a cluster of raspberry pi's to learn not only distributed computing but sharding as well using citus.  Using Debain buster which has geos 3.7.1, proj 5.2 and gdal 2.4

I am set up to grab the latest versions of postgresql-12 trunk and postgis-3 trunk.  Everything seems to be building fine.  This is not a production database so I can do testing.  The things i am testing now really aren't using postgis for clustering so if you need different version of that I can try.  In fact it might be fun to see if different versions can work together in a cluster.

I have never set up docker but I know it is possible on a raspberry


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