[postgis] make problem

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Mon Dec 3 08:30:58 PST 2001

James Reid writes:
>Hi - Im trying to compile postgis (0.6.1 or 0.6.2or cvs) and
>am getting the following (example) errors on a Solaris 2.7 sun 4500:
>postgis_ops.c:852: warning: assignment makes integer from
>pointer without a cast
>postgis_ops.c: In function `ggeometry_consistent':
>any thoughts?

Ack..  that is a nasty macro call so it is hard to know
what the complaint is all about !

PG_SRC / src / include / access / gist.h
** An entry on a GiST node.  Contains the key (pred), as well as
** its own location (rel,page,offset) which can supply the matching
** pointer.  The size of the pred is in bytes, and leafkey is a flag to
** tell us if the entry is in a leaf node.
typedef struct GISTENTRY
	char	   *pred;
	Relation	rel;
	Page		page;
	OffsetNumber offset;
	int			bytes;
	bool		leafkey;

** macro to initialize a GISTENTRY
#define gistentryinit(e, pr, r, pg, o, b, l)\
   do {(e).pred = pr; (e).rel = r; (e).page = pg; (e).offset = o; (e).bytes
= b; (e).leafkey = l;} while (0)


so maybe something like this would help ?

gistentryinit(*retval, (char *)NULL, entry->rel, entry->page,

The only sure way I know of to find the offending line
is to turn this into a function with each arg on its own line
then the compiler can tell you which one of the args is
causing the complaint
< inline function should do >



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