[postgis] JTS(Java Topology Suite) will be available until th e end of this year.

James Macgill J.Macgill at geography.leeds.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 04:42:10 PST 2001

>As for porting JTS to Java 1.1, JTS uses the Collections API pretty
>extensively, so it might be a bit of work converting it to Java 1.1.
>However, if that was done I don't think there are any fundamental
>limitations that would prevent it from working in 1.1.

That's not going to be a problem, GeoTools now automatically builds as two 
versions, one for Java2 and one which uses suns Collections for Java1.1 

I can probably apply the same automated translation to JTS once it's out so 
that it can run under 1.1.

If you use ANT to manage your build process then I can send you a copy of 
the relevant parts of out build scripts.  The tricky bit is usually the use 
of a small number of function which were added to random bits of Java2, and 
these will have to be worked round by hand.  I'm more than happy to do this 

I'm looking forward to the arrival of JTS, I'm hopeful that it can form a 
common basis across a number of projects.


p.s. Appologies for carrying out what is essentially a JTS only discussion 
on the postgis mailing list, but this seems to be the only appropriate 
forum at the moment.

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