[postgis] anyone tried packaging for debian?

John Reid jgreid at uow.edu.au
Sun Dec 30 14:11:18 PST 2001


If you do compile binary RPMs could you please make them available on 
the download page.  Alien (rpm -> deb) is a wonderful thing that keeps 
my package management tools happy :-)

Paul, as far as producing real Debian packages goes, the best approach 
would be to keep it seperate from the postgresql stuff (no modification 
of upstream files which are essentially a seperate entity), no?   Should 
I go ahead and ask some dumb questions of the Debian packaging folk with 
a  view to producing packages in the medium to long term?


Cameron Shorter wrote:

>Sounds like I am in luck.  I'm running Mandrake 8.1.  :)
>So yes, I'd love a Mandrake binary.
>Paul Ramsey wrote:
>>Binary RPMs can be a bit of a distribution nightmare with the different
>>flavours of Linux around. libc compatibilities are the most noticable
>>problem for me, since I have a recent version of Mandrake to compile on.
>>That means I always tend to be compiling against the latest/greatest
>>libc, which is fine for me and my mandrake brethren but not so good for
>>people running earlier Red Hats (or even Mandrake 7). If you would like
>>binary mandrake 8 RPMS I can build them for you though.
>>Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>>A binary rpm would be good too.
>>>I tried to get the source rpm installed, but ran into a few dependancy
>>>problems (with postgres) before putting it off until later.
>>>Paul Ramsey wrote:
>>>>Nope. Having done the packaging for RPM once, the best bet is to take
>>>>the sources and configs used for the generic postgresql DEBs, add in the
>>>>postgis stuff, and build the whole mess from there.
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