[postgis] OGR Upgraded

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jun 19 15:56:14 PDT 2001


Sorry for generating so much traffic today. 

I have completed my proof-of-concept upgrade to the OGR PostgreSQL driver to
support PostGIS.  OGR will now recognise PostGIS tables (any table with
a column of type Geometry) and read the spatial data properly.  It will also
recognise that PostGIS support is available when creating new tables, and
if so default to using the Geometry type for the spatial column. 

Based on this, my "ogr2ogr" utility can now be used to load a variety of 
file formats including Shape, and MapInfo directly into PostGIS. 

Also, OGR enabled applications like MapServer, and OpenEV can read PostGIS
style tables. 


 o Type handing in the OGR-postgresql link is weak. 
 o Spatial and attribute queries are currently evaluated within OGR instead 
   of being passed off to postgresql, thereby discarding a major benefit of
   a database ... various kinds of query optimization.  However, this can be
   resolved relatively easily. 
 o I am not too database savvy, and I don't think I do some things very 
   efficiently.  For instance, I think I do a transaction for each new record
   added to the table during bulk loading.  
 o Currently the support is done using libpq, and is very Postgresql specific. 
   I would like to migrate to ODBC. 

Further information can be found at:


I am willing to prepare binaries of "ogr2ogr" for Linux with PostgreSQL/PostGIS
support if someone wants to use them.  Of course the source is checked in for
anyone brave enough to try building it. 

Does anyone know if the GeoTools or FMaps folks are interested in reading
from PostGIS?  It would be nice to have a decent graphical client for PostGIS.
OpenEV will work against it now, but it's concept of vector handling is a bit
weak.  For instance, it always loads the entire spatial tables into memory.

Best regards,

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