[postgis] OGR Upgraded

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Jun 19 20:41:23 PDT 2001

That's great Frank! Tomorrow is a "paying client" day for me too, so
I'll not get to try it for a couple more, but I can't wait!

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> I have completed my proof-of-concept upgrade to the OGR PostgreSQL driver to
> support PostGIS.  OGR will now recognise PostGIS tables (any table with
> a column of type Geometry) and read the spatial data properly.  It will also
> recognise that PostGIS support is available when creating new tables, and
> if so default to using the Geometry type for the spatial column.
>  o I am not too database savvy, and I don't think I do some things very
>    efficiently.  For instance, I think I do a transaction for each new record
>    added to the table during bulk loading.

Booo! It's worth doing them right, because the load time difference is
an order of magnitude (really).

>  o Currently the support is done using libpq, and is very Postgresql specific.
>    I would like to migrate to ODBC.

Hrm, that would assume another sufficiently compliant database to talk
to :)

> I am willing to prepare binaries of "ogr2ogr" for Linux with PostgreSQL/PostGIS
> support if someone wants to use them.  Of course the source is checked in for
> anyone brave enough to try building it.

I'm brave, I'll give it a go.

> Does anyone know if the GeoTools or FMaps folks are interested in reading
> from PostGIS?  It would be nice to have a decent graphical client for PostGIS.
> OpenEV will work against it now, but it's concept of vector handling is a bit
> weak.  For instance, it always loads the entire spatial tables into memory.

My next Java project is going to be a Layer for OpenMap which reads
PostGIS. I think it should be relatively easy, and the payoff will be

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