[postgis] Release 0.6.2

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Nov 7 11:37:01 PST 2001

I have bundled up another release as the number of bug fixes got larger.
Most of the bugs were in the shape file loader (*cough* Jeff *cough*)
but it seems to be working better now. Changelog below, news item at


PostGIS 0.6.2

- New Things
  - spatial_ref_sys.sql complete set of SRID and WKT
  - generate postgis_undef.sql automatically at build
- Bug fixes
  - Memory problem in shp2pgsql
  - Compilation problems with shp2pgsql

PostGIS 0.6.1
- Bug fixes
  - Cygwin compilation fix
  - Improved getopts handling in utility programs
  - Text casting fixes

PostGIS 0.6

- New functions
  - postgis_version()
    Return the PostGIS version number.
  - find_srid(<db/schema>::varchar, <table>::varchar, <column>::varchar)
    Return the SRID number for a particular column of a database.
  - AddGeometryColumn(<db/schema>::varchar, <table>::varchar,
      <column>::varchar, <srid>::integer, <type>::varchar,
    Appends a geometry column to an existing table and updates the
    metadata tables appropriately.
  - DropGeometryColumn(<db/schema>::varchar, <table>::varchar,
    Removes a geometry column from an existing spatial table.
  - Distance(<geom1>::geometry, <geom2>::geometry)
    Returns the cartesian distance between two geometries.
  - AsText(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns the OGC well-known text version of the geometry.
  - SRID(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns the integer SRID of the geometry.
  - GeometryFromText(<geom>::varchar, <srid>::integer)
    Creates a geometry object given the OGC well-known text and a valid
  - SetSRID(<geom>::geometry)
    Sets the SRID of a geometry to a particular value.
  - IsClosed(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns true of first and last points of geometry are coincident.
  - StartPoint(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns the first point of a geometry.
  - EndPoint(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns the last point of a geometry.
  - Centroid(<geom>::geometry)
    Returns the centroid of a geometry.
- More OpenGIS SFSQL compatibility
  - SRID integrity checking
- Better Mapserver compatibility
- Minor fixes/changes
  - Support for WKB in the tables
  - Miscellaneous bug fixes
  - Placeholders for precision grid

PostGIS 0.5

- New functions
  - Dimension()
  - GeometryType()
  - Envelope()
  - X(), Y(), Z()
  - NumPoints()
  - PointN()
  - ExteriorRing()
  - NumInteriorRings()
  - InteriorRingN()
  - NumGeometries()
  - GeometryN()
  - Length_Spheroid()
  - Length3D_Spheroid()
  - AsBinary() + XDR and NDR variants
  - force_collection()
- Removed functions
  - wkb_ndr()
  - wkb_xdr()
- New Objects
    To be used with the length_spheroid functions for accurate
    length calculations on lat/lon data.
- Minor bug fixes
- Internal Functions
  - Extra constructors to make geometry manipulation easier
- Structural Reorganization
  - Broke postgis.c up into four new files
    postgis_debug.c -- debugging functions
    postgis_fn.c -- generic functions (like length())
    postgis_ops.c -- operators and indexing functions
    postgis_inout.c -- type support functions and data conversion

PostGIS 0.2

- New functions
  - extent()
  - force_2d()
  - force_3d()
  - wkb_xdr()
  - wkb_ndr()
  - translate()
- Fixes
  - Cygwin compilation (Norman Vine)
  - i386 byte alignment fixed
  - 'VACUUM ANALYZE' fixed
- Other
  - documentation in docbook xml
  - example program for WKB access
  - removed 'make test' until we can get regression
    working more cleanly

PostGIS 0.1

- Initial release!
- 'geometry' and 'box3d' types.
- Parsing routines for all possible geometries in OGIS text format
- Output routines for all possible geometries in OGIS text format.
- area2d(), area3d()
- length3d(), length3d()
- perimeter2d(), perimeter3d()
- truely_inside()
- rtree index support functions
- gist index support functions

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     | Refractions Research
     | Email: pramsey at refractions.net
     | Phone: (250) 885-0632

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