[postgis] JTS integration and OGR

Ferdinando Villa villa at cbl.umces.edu
Wed Mar 6 12:55:25 PST 2002

Hi all,

	I'm considering porting the core algorithms of JTS 1.1 to C++ to
implement the spatial layer of my Integrating Modelling Architecture
(prehistoric docs at http://www.integratedmodelling.org) and related
projects. I would like the result to be compatible with both OGR and
postgis - arguably a sound move for open source, plus I use OGR already
and need the spatial operators. I've seen the JTS issue come up for
Postgis, though, and I wonder whether JTS porting efforts are already
underway, or anyone has suggestions on how to maximize the benefits.
What do the postgis folks think? I'm keeping Frank Warmerdam in the loop
too - since JTS uses a plug-in precision model, I think we'll need an
intermediate layer of abstraction over the geometry classes anyway, but
I might be wrong. Any pointers appreciated.


Ferdinando Villa, Ph.D.                                   Research
Institute of Ecological Economics                     University of
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...dont' try to heal the world. You might be its disease. (F. Villa)

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