[postgis] See only some features of one layer

Alexys Herleym Rodríguez Avellaneda alexyshr at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 07:11:56 PST 2002


In my project, there are one layer in postgres, with all rooms of six buildings.
I need see in the browser altrought postgis, only the rooms of one floor, of one building!
How can i see in the browser, with mapserver, only some features of one layer.?
Is it one consult of mapscript?
if so, please i need one example of one script that does it!
Is it posible? or I need storage the floors in diferents layers?
Where are manuals ?

Can I storage in the same layer, each floor whith different elevation value?
Can I see the layer (in the browser) in perspective? or in lateral view?

Can i see one layer of text (file in format dxf) whit mapserver and postgis?

Thanks in advance!!

Alexys Rodríguez
Asesor GIS - CAMB
Bucaramanga - Colombia

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