[postgis] String to MultiPolygon

Ismail Bouabdallah (CS) bouabdi9 at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Mar 13 13:55:10 PST 2002


can anyone help me with the following problem:

I am trying to convert the string representaion of a MultiPolygon into 
its geometric PostGIS respresentaion in Java.

 public Vector getSiteBoundaries() {
    int numberOfRows = resultsTable.getRowCount();
    Class columnClass;
    Vector siteBoundaries = new Vector();  // to hold the 
site_boundaries from the current Jtable
    for (int i = 0; i <numberOfRows; i++) {   
        System.out.println("Site_Boundary at " +i+ " is " 
        columnClass = resultsTable.getColumnClass(2);
        System.out.println("Site_Boundary Column Class is:" + columnClass);
        String siteBoundaryString = (String)siteBoundaries.elementAt(i);

        //MultiPolygon siteBoundary = 
        //MultiPolygon siteBoundary = MultiPolygon(siteBoundaryString);
    return siteBoundaries;

this is the code that I have written:

    it grabs the MultiPolygons from a JTable (resultsTable) and then 
stores them in a  vector, at which point they are stored as strings, 
Exception occurred during event dispatching

    when I try to grab them from the vector I get a ClassCastException 
at runtime, from the line of code : MultiPolygon siteBoundary = 

                java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at 

    if I use the line of code: MultiPolygon siteBoundary = 
MultiPolygon(siteBoundaryString);      I get the following runtime error:
                QueryToolInterface.java:262: cannot resolve symbol
                symbol  : method MultiPolygon  (java.lang.String)
                location: class canned_classes.QueryToolInterface

basically the question I am asking is how do I turn a MultiPolygon as a 

MULTIPOLYGON(((414699.55 130160.43,414701.83 130149.9,414729.2 
130155.7,414729.2 130155.7,414733.25 130149.8,414735.1 
130140.9,414743.75 130142.7,414740.6 130158.15,414742.15 
130158.5,414739.65 130169.25,414728.05 130166.65,414727.77 
130167.93,414724.52 130167.19,414717.65 130165.63,414717.85 
130164.45,414699.55 130160.43)))

into its geometrical representaion, so I can call the methods of the 
class MultiPolygon in org.postgis on the value:

does anyone have any advice on this matter...

Best Regards Ismail



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