[postgis] idea for postgis application

Alex Rice alex_rice at arc.to
Wed Mar 13 15:15:35 PST 2002

On Wednesday, March 13, 2002, at 03:57 PM, Tyler Mitchell wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> Quite a few new terms to me in your statement.  What kind of a product,
> i.e. with the end user are you dreaming up?
> Sounds interesting nonetheless.
> Tyler

Sorry for all the jargon! I'll cc this to the list since you probably 
aren't the only one scratching your head over my post :-)

Cocoa was formerly called OpenStep- it's a very rich API in Objective-C.
Cocoa is proprietary, since Apple bought NextStep years ago.
There is an open-source analog of Cocoa, named GNUStep. GNUStep is 
mainly a Unix thing.

Cocoa has a vector graphics display system, named Quartz. In OS X the 2D 
graphics are based on Quartz and 3D graphics are OpenGL.

Because Quartz is postscript-like, meaning vector graphics, it should be 
easy to render lines, polygons, shapes, etc. described in a postgis 
feature table.

Cocoa supports most of the media formats that QuickTime supports, so it 
should be possible to write out the image in lots of interesting formats.

What would it look like the the end user? In the simplest case it could 
just be a previewer- it would allow you to visualize a feature table, 
and turn layers on and off and so forth.

Another scenario is to allow it to be scriptable or web-enabled to 
render images for a web application backend- kinda like mapserver or 
mapextreme or some of those products.

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