[postgis] GEOMETRY_COLUMNS table

John Reid jgreid at uow.edu.au
Tue Mar 19 05:06:10 PST 2002

Is this schema based on the ISO metadata standard (DIS 19115)?  I seem 
to recall that it included optional(?) elements for annotations etc. 
 I'm currently having a go at producing a load file for catalogs based 
on 19115 as part of a demo dataset, concentrating on the mapping to the 
ANZLIC metadata elements.  Be a couple of weeks before I've worked out 
if I can do it or not though.


Nicolas Ribot wrote:

>Hi all,
>To give an opinion concerning this subject, we (at SCOT, a french company for
>Earth Observation) have decided to separate the storage of data from the storage
>of graphical/layout information.
>As we mainly (well, exclusively !) use MapServer to render our geographic data,
>we implemented a DB schema representing a MapServer mapfile.
>A php-based tool allows us to load a mapfile into the DB, modify it graphically
>(adding layers, choosing layers representation, layer order, symbols, etc.) and
>then dump it as a file to be accessed by our applications.
>By separating the data from the display, we can reuse display information (layer
>representation, symbols) from one application to another. (kind of library of
>reusable components...).
>This development is not finished yet, we try to take some time to work on it.
>Another solution I used some times ago was to add some extra columns to the
>OpenGIS metadata tables (geometry_columns, spatial_ref_sys, etc...): we put in
>these columns information that was relevant to our applications, (without
>changing the ogis-defined columns, of course).
>Our databases were still OpenGIS compliant (that is, queriable by everyone), but
>also contains useful information for us (for example, we had developed a
>file-based r-tree index, and each indexed geographic table had an entry in a
>column of the geometry_column table)
>>I would be interested in people's opinions. Once you start down this
>>road, the complexities never end. Prefered fill and outline colors,
>>scale preferences, full descriptive names. Is the storage of this
>>information necessarily a part of the backend data store, or should it
>>be part of the rendering application solely? The only benefit to pushing
>>it back into the database is that applications can then share rendering
>>specifications: to make my roads blue on both desktop and web apps, I
>>change it once in the database.
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