[postgis-users] New Mailing List

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sun Mar 24 21:38:03 PST 2002

In true form, I neglected to explicitly mention that the new mailing
address for the list is:

  postgis-users at postgis.refractions.net

Also, the mail will be archived using the default GNU Mailman archiver
to start with. I am first going to try and figure out how to retrieve
the existing archive from Yahoo and then upload it into the Mailman
archive, inshala.

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> OK, with any luck we should be successfully migrated to a new mailing
> list using GNU Mailman. I took all the active accounts from the Yahoo
> groups, and uploaded them to Mailman. People with daily digest
> preferences should still be digested, etc. I have also taken this
> opportunity to re-dub this list as [postgis-users] to prepare for the
> eventuality of a high-volume development list. Not an issue right now,
> but might be in the future when the SFSQL project gets in full swing.

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