[postgis-users] Re: [postgis] postgis and sgi irix 5.3

Dave Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Wed Mar 27 09:57:40 PST 2002

JiXX Kastner wrote:
> dne Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:30:32 -0800
> "Paul Ramsey" <pramsey at refractions.net> napsal(a):
> > Well, at the minimum, you'll be able to separate the trivial errors
> > from the important errors. Run a simple script over all the files to
> > remove the CR's and try again...
> >
> thanx for scipt, <cr> removed, second step was make commentary in ansi c
> style /*...*/ after i got this:

What kind of system (exactly) are you using?  What compiler (and
version) are you
using?  If you're not using GCC, you might want to try that.

> cfe: Error: postgis_debug.c, line 212: 'BYTE_ORDER' undefined;
> reoccurrences will not be reported.                if (BYTE_ORDER ==
> LITTLE_ENDIAN)                ----^

BYTE_ORDER is supposed to be defined in postgres.h (actually os.h).

It should be either BIG_ENDIAN (4321) or LITTLE_ENDIAN (1234), depending
on what kind of processor you have.  Os.h doesnt set it for sgi

You'll have to determine what kind of endian your machine is, and add a




at the top of postgis.h.

If you tell me what endian your machine is, I'll try to automagically
set it
in the Makefile for future versions.


ps. IEEE defined what information will be in a FLOAT or INTEGER data
types, but
    it didnt specify what order these bytes should be in.  Different
    store the information in different order - they're known as BIG
endian and
    LITTLE endian.

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