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Rob Hranac robhranac at vfny.org
Thu Mar 28 10:30:08 PST 2002

Several important announcements regarding the GeoServer Project. For
those with no background regarding GeoServer (formerly FreeFS), it is an
open source (GPL) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature
Server specification, built on top of PostGIS. If you are interested in
experimenting with OpenGIS distributed web services, GeoServer is a good
place to start.

(1) Beta (0.90) Release Available
GeoServer moved out of alpha this week, at long last. By beta we here at
the GeoServer project mean: normal humans have a good chance of
successfully installing/configuring GeoServer and can have a reasonable
expectation of compliance with the 0.0.14 and 0.0.15 versions of the Web
Feature Server specification. Furthermore, the code base is now well
documented and should be accessible to most Java developers. GeoServer
was tested extensively in the OpenGIS Consortium's Open Web Services
demonstration project and has successfully communicated with several WFS
clients. We encourage both users and developers to download this
release, play with it, and tell us about your experiences. Please send
all flames and love to: geoserver at vfny.org. You may download the beta
here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=25086.

(2) New GeoServer Site (http://geoserver.sourceforge.net)
Although our new site has been around for a while, it was in a
relatively unfinished state. It is now a bit more polished, including
some additional and updated documentation. If you register at the site,
you will automatically be placed on our release announcement list and
may participate in site polls and discussions.

(3) GeoServer 1.0 Release Timeline
Astute readers will note that our previous release timelines were a pack
of lies. This was due in part to rapidly changing circumstances in the
OpenGIS world, but was mostly due to our own poor judgment. We pledge to
do better in the future. To that end, we will now stop claiming to be
prepared to release a 1.0 version of GeoServer before a 1.0 version of
the specification is approved! Since it is not clear when the
specification will be approved, we have no clear GeoServer 1.0 release
date, except that it will be after OGC approval of WFS 1.0. We here at
the GeoServer project speculate that this will be sometime this summer.
Current development priorities, in rough order of importance, include:
transactional capabilities, full filter support, and additional back-end
data format support. We here at the GeoServer project take our user
requests seriously, so if you have a working installation of GeoServer
and need a feature to improve your quality of life, let us know.

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