[postgis-users] geoserver beta released

Rob Hranac robhranac at vfny.org
Thu Mar 28 16:10:50 PST 2002

You can get some basic NYC layers via WFS here:

A couple of test requests:

You can also download the WFS Tester, which will let you make and store
tests in XML format via GET or POST.  You can get that on the main
GeoServer download page as a separate package.  It has some built in
tests with it, although some layers on our server have been disabled due
to a legal agreement we signed with NYC in order to acquire their data.


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> Great,
> I don't suppose you have a test WFS URL that I could hit (along with a
> you know works). I might then be able to get the WFSLayer working in 
> geotools1, and then port it to geotools2.

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